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The Locomotives of Bienfait

Photo Gallery

3522 2015
South side of the valley
The Locomotives of Bienfait Premiere
3522 Summer 2015
Film Premiere at the Orpheum Theatre
M&S Water Tower
M&S Water Tower
Souris Valley
Spur Line
3522 Interior 2015
3522 2015
Plaque Affixed to 3522
3522 Rivets
Hal Wright with 6947
Locomotive 6947
Locomotive 6947
Hal Wright
CPR Railyard Bienfait 2016
Thomas Cholowski
2166 (formely 6166)
6166 Wheels
Locomotive 6166 Bell
Town of Bienfait
Carbon and Main
Old M&S Dragline
The Taylorton Company Store
M&S Mining Camp
Western Domnion
Sunset on the Valley
Western Dominion
Souris River
Bienfait Main Street
John Yakamovich
Louis Belanger
Ken Hesketh
Brad Coates operating 3716
Ken Orford
Mark Dicer
Locomotive 3716
Gainsborough Grain Elevator
Frobisher Elevator
M&S Diesel Abandoned
Bienfait CPR Station
Bridge at Roche Percee
Coal Dust Saloon
Souris Valley
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